Turning is a metal processing operation, which allows the fast production of various round shape parts. The rotating billet is being cut by turning blades. Usually this process includes cutting the grooves and cutting out a part of the billet.

Turning is executed with the use of turning machine-tools. Due to the emergence of new technologies and modern software, CNC computer-operated machine-tools see more frequent use. All of such machines have a couple of common features – a revolver head (capable of moving according to several axes) has a number of cutting tools installed to operate with the turner, holding the billet. Such machine-tools are easier to prepare for work, they are more reliable and durable. Modern technologies and processes we use guarantee impeccable accuracy. Occasionally, CNC machine-tools are completely enclosed due to working safety standards.

We implement the turning operation with the help of CNC MAZAK Nexus 300M machines, capable to deliver high performance and quality results. Modern software allows us to produce both simple and complex parts with impeccable precision. In some cases, we provide turning services with other machine-tools like: HUICHON – 5, 1K62x1000, 165 x 5000, 1531M, 1516.

We can treat shafts up to 400 mm in diameter, 4000 mm in length, weighing up to 3200 kg.