Plasma cutting

Plasma cutting is an exceptionally modern method, therefore applied to cut both thick and thin products. Plasma cutting is widely used in a number of applications from small amateur cuts to wide scale industrial applications.

High-temperature ionized gas, treated with an electrical field is used to do the cutting, i.e. the plasma, created by the machine-tool. The gas is usually compressed air. It created a connected electrical chain with the surface being cut, therefore melting the surface in the desired spot. Quickly moving plasma and compressed air blow off the melted metal, therefore an open space is created in the affected area. This type of cutting is concentrated; therefore, we can assure high precision and minimal deformations.

We execute plasma cutting with the modern OmniCut device, using high-quality plasma sources. This machine-tool is exceptionally precise, allowing us to cutout even bent or deformed forms. The device is operated via software, allowing much more precise and accurate results. It cuts metal products (black metal, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, cast iron) up to 80 mm thick. Plasma cutting with the OmniCut device is very efficient, allowing it to cut up to 1000 meters per hour.