Nitrogen treatment

Nitrogen treatment – is a thermal processing method, used to harden the metal through the creation of a nitrogen added protective layer around it. After this treatment, the metal parts become more durable, resistant to the wear effects and hard. This process can be executed in three ways.

The first one – are the salt baths. A part is being immersed into a 550–570°C heated nitrogen containing salty liquid. Compared to alternatives – this is one of the easiest and quickest ways, but it is also unregulated and the liquids used are toxic.

On an industrial level, the nitrogen treatment can be executed with the use of plasma. Strong energy field ionize (turn to plasma) the gasses around the treated surface. Usually pure nitrogen gas is used, although for some applications argon or hydrogen gasses are used. A plasma-reinforced part does not need any further treatment it can be used instantly.

Products are also nitrogen treated with gases. During this process, gases including a lot of nitrogen in their composition are usually used, i.e. ammonia gas. They react with the heated surface and create a hardened nitrate layer on top of it. This process can be precisely controlled, therefore the appearing surface will be exactly the one you desire. Nitrogen treatment with gasses is a lot more practical than using plasma, and with the use of modern equipment is just as precise.

We can apply nitrogen treatment for products up to 600 mm in diameter and 2700 mm deep.