Grinding is a method of abrasive treatment when the metal is treated with a grinding wheel, whenever its rough surface cuts off a part of the metal surface with each rotation. Depending on the requirements, a finished part can be both smooth and rough surface. This process is very commonly used at both amateur and industrial levels, whenever various tools are treated, i.e. a very frequent operation is shaft grinding.

Today, modern grinding machines are used to achieve accurate results. Different machine tools are used for various applications: some require the use of belt machines and tubes, rods and shafts are usually grinded by cylindrical grinding machines. A small angle grinder is similar in its operation to these machine tools and is used to precisely and quickly grind or cut various surfaces.

Shaft grinding is implemented with trusted and reliable 3A64D, 3Б161, 3M152Б, 3A130 grinding machines. We can treat shafts with a diameter of no less than 500 mm and the length and weight of maximum 3000 mm and 2000 kg. We also grind the rings, connecting surfaces, pulleys and flat surfaces, we also sharpen knives.